Can’t wait for the 12th Annual Morgan & Friends Tournament on January 6th and 7th, 2019!

Help The Morgan Pressel Foundation In Our Fight Against Cancer.

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About the Foundation:

The Morgan Pressel Foundation was started in order to further the fight against cancer, particularly breast cancer. Morgan, a star player on the LPGA Tour, wanted to honor the memory of her mother, Kathryn Krickstein Pressel who passed away at an early age of breast cancer. Morgan devoted herself to try and fight this disease. Over the last 11 years, with the primary support of the St. Andrews Country Club members and Morgan's sponsors, the Foundation has raised over $5 million dollars to aid and support patient care and research in the fight against breast cancer. Three of the Morgan Pressel Foundation’s main projects are based in south Florida: the Kathryn Krickstein Pressel Mammovan, the Morgan Pressel Center for Cancer Genetics, and the Morgan Pressel Foundation Laboratory for Cancer Research.

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2019 Morgan & Friends Tournament Players

Thank you to all of the golfers and sponsors that are lending their names and financial support to make this event happen and assisting us in our fight against cancer.

Morgan Pressel

Brittany Lincicome

Brooke Henderson

Cristie Kerr

Lexi Thompson

So Yeon Ryu

Gerina Piller

Paula Creamer

5th Annual Kathryn Krickstein Pressel Award

Cristie Kerr

Elissa Bantug

Elissa Bantug is a survivor, advocate, and inspiration in the fight against breast cancer. At the age of 21 she found a lump in her breast, and struggled to find a doctor that would order her a mammogram at such a young age. She was not officially diagnosed with breast cancer until she was 23, and was diagnosed for a second time at the age of 25. As a single mother and a graduate student, cancer treatment had its setbacks, and moving on after a cancer-free diagnosis was difficult. Through these transitions in her life, she realized she wanted to help other women fighting this uphill battle and reduce their suffering.

Elissa has become an advocate for patients living with this disease appearing in television interviews, newspapers, magazines, and the radio speaking out about the barriers and challenges they often face including survivorship in early and advanced breast cancer care, and healthy living after breast cancer. She has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University in Women's Health and a graduate degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Health Education and Communication. Ms. Bantug is the Program Manager of Breast Cancer Communication, Education, and Survivorship at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, oversees the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program and is co-directs the Young Women with Breast Cancer Program.

* Elissa Bantug is the proud mother of two amazing girls – Samantha (18) and Bela (7). She is married to AJ Bantug and lives in Columbia, Maryland.